Saturday 27 February 2016

Camp Avalon Kit List 2016



Please note: This list is for guidance only and is not necessarily a complete list.

ALL clothes and kit to be clearly marked with young person’s name

Holdall or strong bag to carry kit in to and from camp
(No Suitcases or Very Large bags)
Please pack kit in rucksacks or strong holdalls that can be carried NO kit is to be brought in plastic bin liners

Camping equipment – if you have it, but advise if you do not
Small tent, if you have one
Sleeping Bag (minimum 2 season) or duvet
Small Pillow (optional as clothes can be used)
Sleeping Mat - either foam roll mat or thin self-inflating (best) or an airbed (motorised inflator will be available)
Cooking equipment – camp cooker and a pan/frying pan
Torch & spare batteries

Meal times
Cutlery (knife, fork, spoon, teaspoon)
Plastic Drinks Bottle (to carry a drink during activities)
Non-breakable Large Plate, breakfast Bowl, Mug, (plastic or metal, not china). (A suitable small bag to keep these in as the young person will have to be able to find it at meal times!)
Camp Chair
Tea towel x 1
Extra blanket or Camp Blanket.
Snacks and sweets

Clothing (including what they arrive in)
The quantity of clothes must be sufficient for 3 days / 2 nights with a spare days worth of clothes
1 Pyjamas/Nightwear
4 T-shirts / Shirts
2 Warm sweaters / jumpers / tracksuit-top / fleece / hoodie
3 Outdoor Trousers or tracksuit trousers (jeans are not ideal but acceptable)
4 Multiple Spare underclothes.
4 Multiple Spare socks (include some thick socks).
1 pair Strong shoes (eg Trainers)
1 Walking Boots or Wellington Boots or old trainers
1 A Waterproof Coat
1 Woolly Hat

Other items
1 medium Personal Towel
Washing kit (minimum of soap, flannel, toothbrush and paste, deodorant & comb).
Strong Bin liner (for wet / dirty clothes)
Medication – must be named and kept in a safe place
1 mobile phone may be brought but note there is very little phone reception in this area
I pair binoculars (if you have them or can borrow them) – we will borrow a pair of these if needed
I camera (the best you have or can borrow) – we will borrow this if needed

Do not take to camp:
§   Anything electronic, except a mobile phones, such as electronic games, walkman, MP3 players, CD players, I-pods, etc.  They are too easily stolen, damaged or lost.
§   Shell suits / Nylon clothes. Extreme fire injury risk.
§   Aerosols, matches, lighters, or any other flammable liquid or gas. These are dangerous and not necessary
§   Anything valuable

The young person is responsible for their own kit whilst at camp.

If you are not sure of anything on, or not on, this list, or do not have items then please ask Helena Craig, who can be contacted on 07798 818772 or

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